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Post-Hospitalization or Post-Surgery Home Care Services

It can be challenging for seniors to return home and settle into their new routine after a hospitalization stay or surgery. Post discharge home care, sometimes referred to as post-surgery home care or hospital to home care, can help in this situation. Seniors receiving this kind of care are assisted in returning to their homes and with their recuperation.

According to the National Council on Aging, seniors who receive home care after a hospitalization have a 30% lower risk of re-hospitalization.

Post discharge home care, also known as post-surgery home care or hospital-to-home care, is a valuable service for seniors returning home after a hospitalization or surgery. It provides support and assistance with daily activities, helps seniors manage their medications and follow their healthcare plan, offers companionship and emotional support and helps seniors maintain their independence and avoid re-hospitalization. 

Home care can also provide respite for family caregivers and improve the overall quality of life for seniors. It’s important to research and choose the right home care agency that can meet the senior’s needs and preferences and ensure a smooth transition back home.

Post-Hospital Home Care’s Advantages

  • Helps elders manage their prescriptions and adhere to their healthcare plan by offering support and assistance with daily tasks including washing, dressing, and grooming
  • Facilitates mobility and physical therapy activities
  • Provides emotional and companionship support
  • Maintains independence for elderly and prevents readmission to the hospital

Is Post-Hospital Home Care Covered by Medicare?

After a hospitalization stay or surgery, Medicare does fund some home health services for seniors. These services consist of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and skilled nursing care. It is crucial to remember that these services must be prescribed by a physician and are frequently restricted to a set number of sessions.

According to the AARP, seniors who receive home care following a hospitalization stay recover 40% more quickly.

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Post Discharge Home Care for Seniors in Charlotte | Mayfield Home Care

How Do Families Fund Non-Medical Home Care Following Hospitalization?

  • Private payment (using personal savings or long-term care insurance)
  • Medicaid (if the senior qualifies) 
  • Perks for veterans (for eligible veterans)
  • Medicare (for certain home health services) 

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Post Discharge Home Care for Seniors in Charlotte | Mayfield Home Care

How Home Care, Following a Hospitalization, Gives Family Caregivers a Break

  • Gives family caregivers a break to take care of their own requirements
  • Provides comfort in knowing the senior is receiving proper care and relief from the mental and physical strain of caregiving
  • Provides family caregivers with the care to work, look after other family members, or engage in other activities.
  • Enables family caregivers to maintain a healthy balance and prevent burnout
  • Maintains the health and wellbeing of the family caregiver

How Home Care Helped This Client After a Hip Replacement

Mrs. T, an 80-year-old senior, recently returned home from the hospital after a hip replacement surgery. She was struggling to manage on her own and her family was concerned about her recovery. They decided to hire a non-medical home care agency to provide support and assistance.

The home care agency assigned a caregiver to help Mrs. T with her daily activities, such as bathing, dressing and grooming. The caregiver also assisted her with her physical therapy exercises as recommended by her doctor. Mrs. T’s caregiver also helped her with medication management and provided companionship.

Mrs. T’s family was relieved to have the extra support and they noticed a significant improvement in her recovery. She was able to maintain her independence and avoid re-hospitalization. The home care agency also provided respite for the family caregivers, which helped them to maintain their own health and well-being.

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The Best Advice for Picking a Charlotte Home Care Agency

  • Investigate the agency’s standing and look for any complaints or infractions.
  • Verify the agency’s insurance and license status.
  • Find out if the agency runs background checks on its caregivers and inquire about the agency’s staff training and qualifications.
  • Find an agency that provides each senior with a unique care plan.
  • Verify the agency’s satisfaction guarantee policy.
  • Ask about the agency’s interaction and coordination with medical professionals.
  • Inquire about the organization’s emergency response procedures.
  • Make sure the agency provides a variety of services that are suitable for your senior’s requirements.
  • Before making a choice, compare the costs and services of several agencies.

The Beneficial Effects of Home Care for Seniors After Hospital Discharge

After a hospitalization stay, home care can provide elders several advantages, such as:

  • Assisting elders in managing their symptoms and adhering to their treatment plan
  • Helping the senior with daily tasks while preserving their independence
  • Giving companionship and emotional support
  • Giving family caregivers a break
  • Assisting the elderly to prevent re-hospitalization

Strategies for Seniors to Understand the Value of Home Care Services Following Hospitalization

  • Highlighting the need of adhering to a treatment plan and treating symptoms
  • Highlighting the advantages of preserving independence and staying out of the hospital again
  • Citing instances of how home care can enhance senior citizens’ quality of life
  • Demonstrating how home care can provide family caregivers a break
  • Describing how home care services can help elderly people stay in their own homes
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